Fast setup

Saby set up is as simple as it gets. Start Saby on two Android devices on the same WiFi network and the app will automatically detect them. You only need to confirm connection on each

All parent devices are free

You only pay for the baby’s device. So, for instance, you can grant free access to grandparents and bring them a little bit of joy by watching their grandbaby sleep.

Further starts are even easier

The application automatically remembers the device roles (Parent or Baby station) and one click on the Saby Baby Monitor icon reconnects them. Saved roles can be easily changed or disabled.

AI cry recognition

Saby’s automatic detection of your child awakening is undoubtedly its most prominent feature. It goes beyond classic noise-level observation by implementing full voice and video recognition based on neural-networks. You will get a notification from

Aware of battery

The app shows how much charge remains on the baby station device, and it notifies you when the charge lessens to 20%.

All data encrypted

We are deeply concerned about the loss of personal information around the world, so in our application, we encrypt all data and do not purposefully collect any personal information. You can use our application without