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How to use Saby

Child’s device:
Turn on child mode on the device.
Confirm the use of silent mode for the first time. (To not wake up the child with a random notification)
Point the main camera to the child at a distance of 1-2 meters.
Connect external power to the device.
On some devices, you can lock the screen. But many devices in locked mode turn off applications.
Therefore, to be sure, don’t lock screen, press the checkmark button to darken the screen and additionally set the screen brightness to the minimum.


Parent’s device:

Now you can turn on the parent device and connect to the baby device.
After the first connection during current sleep, a neural network for recognizing sounds is turned on on the children’s device. And even if the parent device is disconnected from the child’s, you will receive a notification about the child awakening.


Our application works as an aid to parents, but not as the main means of monitoring the child. We are constantly improving our application, but as with any product, crashes are always possible, so be close to children and be prepared to help your child.